If you are looking to join BHD or just want to hang out on our site let us know who you are here, in this section of our forums.  Please post your gaming systems, games you play online, and the time you game/time zone you are in. 

Who is BHD?  Well one of our clan officers, Quill74Pen, wrote this about the clan a few years ago.  I like it a lot because it is accurate so here it is:

Our clan, Better Hide or Die [BHD], is a casual gaming clan that has been around for a number of years and played many online titles, including Battlefield, Warhawk, MAG, SOCOM, Killzone, Mass Effect, Starhawk, GTA (PS3 and PS4), Dust 514, Destiny, Planetside, ESO, and more.

Clan members offer a mix of skill sets.  They range from top-of-the-line gun skills to outstanding field support skills to combinations of both, and more.  These, when employed together, lead to victory after victory on the virtual battlefields of competitive and cooperative gaming.

The main thing we care about is teamwork, not skill level. If you need help, you'll get it in a friendly and welcoming environment. If you're already at the top of your game, but want an environment that isn't hyper-competitive or toxic, well, you'll find that in spades in BHD.

So, are you up for some fun? Then lock and load and step up to the plate. Your BHD tags await, soldier.