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Uncharted 4 Release Date
Happy Birthday!
It's All About The Games We Play!
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More than $2. Around $2.69 to be exact, for SoCal.
Gas was almost down to $1 here a couple weeks ago. Now we're right round $1.19.
scracth that, 3 years... even more time than it deserved
so the game lasted 2 years since its officla 5/14 release date... that's more than it deserved :p
Yep. This is where I'm glad I stopped playing or that would probably make me a tad bitter.
Oh, and BTW, CCP will be shutting down the Dust 514 servers on May 30.
TY, folks! :-)
Happy B-Day Quill
Happy Birthday Quill!
happy Birthday Quill!!! hey Sam! long time no c 2 u both hope everyhtings going great
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