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ALL OF THEM!!! Right Rivas?
but so was Oblivion and so was Skyrim....
Morrowind was so good
Well ESO, to me, feels just like SKYRIM but online. So I guess skyrim isn't a real Elder Scrolls game either?
Nah, Oblivion is the best. Wanna fight about it?
well eso isnt a real elder scrolls game. morrowind's the best, followed by skyrim
Depends on what you mean by "Best". For overall experience I will go with ESO, nothing better than a few dozen BHD rolling around in a game at the same time. Story/overall fun I would have said Skyrim.
Jremmedy and I play Don`t starve togather (PC) if anyone wants 2 join up
That would be great Ceco!!!
Plym you lucky bast.... dear my dear friend, i love first war (only modern war with guns, swords and maces) i will hop in that vagon too, when i will have Ps4 (and it looks i have really big chance this year :p
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