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Battlefield 1 Release Date (Early Enlisters start 3 days earlier)
There are no birthdays today.
It's All About The Games We Play!
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Happy happy boyos ;)
Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadien members! Thanks Sanchez!
Happy Thanksgiving to my BHD family
BF1 is my only plan on that list.
Yeah, ubisoft got me in AC2 to hunt those feathers... never again
at a assisend creed game i had 99% of the tropies and need to do one thing to get a platinum. but i am not going to do a boring searche for a 100 feathers!
Currently have 5, but will soon be 7 thanks to Demon's Souls and Freedom Wars.
That's because you're a trophy whore :p
I have a LOT of platinums
xcom is the one and real king ;)
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